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Workforce Solutions

Hire the Best Talent

Eccelion provides recruiting and staffing services to match you with the right people to help you create winning proposals and support contracts you’ve won. Workforce talent is available through temp-to-hire or direct placement. We utilize our extensive network to source experienced talent for permanent or temporary hiring needs. We’ll help you identify gaps in your current talent base and expand your resources with qualified candidates.

  • Temp to Hire: We provide you with qualified candidates that you can evaluate further on the job before deciding to hire them full-time.
  • Direct Placement: We partner with our clients to find the highest caliber talent to meet their immediate and long-term business needs. We understand that the success of a placement is rooted in a trusting and collaborative relationship with our client.
  • Key Personnel: Contingent hires are a key aspect of any winning proposal. Our recruiters and Capture Intelligence Team are here to help you find the best candidates to help ensure that you have a successful bid.

What’s Unique About Eccelion

Unlike most staffing agencies, our integrated service model is designed not only to maintain your current workforce but to continuously grow your workforce. Eccelion goes beyond supporting your staffing requirements for existing contracts. We partner with you by integrating our Capture Intelligence Team in order to help you identify and secure key personnel for upcoming bids.

Unified Process

  • Our hiring process begins with developing a thorough understanding of your organization, corporate mission, existing resources, core capabilities, and hiring managers’ intangible candidate requirements.
  • We identify and build relationships with all the relevant stakeholders within your organization that are involved in the hiring process.
  • We believe a successful hiring process is just as much about candidate capability as is it about cultural and personality compatibility.
  • Eccelion commits to meeting all candidates and conducting comprehensive reference checks prior to submitting them for client consideration. We strive to not to only attain a full understanding of each candidate’s skills and potential for success, but also to develop a strong partnership with each individual.

Proactive Recruiting

What’s unique about Eccelion is that once we begin pursuing contract opportunities for our clients, we passively recruit talent even before the contract is won. Our capture intelligence shows us what we need. This creates a pool of qualified candidates who are ready to step in as soon as the contract is secured.

Cost Optimization

Eccelion’s comprehensive solutions that support you in fulfilling your existing staffing requirements but also augmenting your internal team to secure key personnel for upcoming requirements supports in minimizing costs while maximizing the capabilities of multiple functional areas within your company.

Since we work with our own full-time recruiters to support and fill positions, Eccelion is able to offer workforce solutions at billing rates significantly lower than our competitors. We pass the savings along to you.